meet teresa

meet teresa

I have spent my life searching for meaning and on a quest to make a difference in the world.  In my professional life, this has taken the form of helping nonprofit organizations realize their potential.  Now, I support individuals in recognizing and realizing their greatness. 

Why am I a Coach?

Throughout my 20 year career as a nonprofit executive I was presented with many opportunities to experience and manage substantive growth and change at an organizational or systems level.  Over the years, I came to specialize in helping mid-size regional organizations and leaders manage change and proactively design their future – often in the face of gridlock amongst seemingly contradictory stakeholder groups.  Absolutely essential to that process was peeling away what the organization does and helping them understand who they ARE and what is missing or in their way of most effectively delivering on their mission commitments.

I was first introduced to ontological coaching during my own professional transition.  My work with a coach led to a new professional path and an incredibly powerful personal and professional transformation.  Once I understood how this approach challenges us to re-think what is possible in our lives and to (re-)gain access to our personal best, I realized how powerful that experience, as well as the relevant skills and experience I brought from the organizational world, could be for individuals looking to proactively design their own futures and be forever transformed.

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It isn’t the things that happen to us in our lives that cause us to suffer, it’s how we relate to the things that happen to us that causes us to suffer.
— Pema Chodron


Professional Experience                 

Tacoma Art Museum - Deputy Director                                                           

Forterra - Chief Operating Officer                                                                 

Capitol Hill Housing - Deputy Director


Accomplishment Coaching

University of Colorado - Boulder (BA)

The Juicy Stuff    

I grew up in small town Ohio.  It was a great place to grow up and 'be from', but I was always eager to explore and experience the larger world.  I moved around until I found home in the Pacific Northwest in 1999.

I've been married, divorced and re-married just a few years ago (after fourteen years together).  My husband John is a real estate appraiser and very talented chef and musician.  I am a stepmom to two young men.  We have two lovable Boston Terriers who bring us much joy and love.  We love traveling and sharing culinary adventures with friends.

I am committed to a lifelong practice of living in and from my essence every day - joy, presence, heart, sage, brilliance.  I believe in laughing often and heartily.

All of these moves, job transitions and other life changes have provided many opportunities to manage and learn from transition.  I love to support others in seizing their own opportunities for growth and translating them into powerful transformations.